⚒️OpenAI Setup

Learn how to generate and use the OpenAI api key inside your Cloozo account.

Step by Step guide to generate a working API key on OpenAI

Kindly follow the below steps in the given order. If any step is skipped, the generated API key will not work

Step 1: Create an account at https://openai.com

Step 2: Verify your account

You will receive a verification email. Verify that.

Step 3: Select API

Step 4: Click on your profile ---> Manage Account

Step 5: Click on Billing and associate a payment method

This is the most crucial step. You need to associate a valid payment method as per the OpenAI guidelines so as to activate your API key. This will not cost you anything. The cost depends on how frequent you use the key and the bill is generated monthly. As per the pricing models of openAI, the cost is significantly cheap for generating the content.

Click 'Start payment plan' and associate a valid method payment.

Step 6: Click on API keys

This step should only be performed once a valid payment method has been added to your openAI account

Click on API keys in the left sidebar at the bottom. Generate new secret key. This secret key is nothing but your openAI API key.

Please be double sure that you have a valid payment method added to your account before generating the key. Else, your key will not produce any results.

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