📎Creating a chatbot

Creating a chatbot in Cloozo is quite straightforward. The only 2 critical requirements are OpenAI and Pinecone details. Once you have them, the entire process is self contained and smooth.

In case you are interested in a video tutorial, check below:

We will go step by step.

Step 1: Create a workspace

Create a workspace. A workspace can be considered as a client or just a folder inside which you will create your chatbots.

Step 2: Create a chatbot

After creating a workspace, click visit to go inside the workspace. Here, click 'New Chatbot' to create one.

Give it a name and choose the type of chatbot that you want to create. It can be a chatbot

  • based on your knowledge base,

  • or it can be a one that searches the internet to provide answers.

The one with your knowledge base is specific to your provided custom data and can only respond to queries which are related to the data that you provided to your chatbot. This type of chatbot is best suited for niche industries where the key requirement is to provide customer support or guidance about a specific product.

Step 3: Edit the chatbot details

After the chatbot is created, click 'Edit' to add the openAI details, pinecone details, edit chatbot appearance and even set pre-defined questions known as 'Starter questions' in Cloozo.

You can fully train the chatbot by uploading your own custom data like pdf, docs and txt files. And can also input website links which will be scraped to feed the relavant data to the chatbot.

Details on how to create a pinecone account can be found here: Pinecone Setup

Step 4: Generate the code

Once all the details are filled, click on Generate code to generate the embed code. Insert this code in the header part of your website.

It can take 2 to 3 minutes for the chatbot to render on your website.

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