🛠️Pinecone Setup

Pinecone is a vector database that allows storing data such as pdf, docs, website links etc for doing a search on them later on. It's useful for creating applications such as chatbots where a user asks for a specific question and the bot then performs a search on the database to find the relavant answers to the asked question.

In this tutorial, we are going to create a pinecone account that will allow you to store upto 600MB of data for free! This is roughly near to 15 million to 20 million of characters. That means you can store upto 20 million of characters just using a free account.

Want to see a video tutorial instead? Check below:

Step by Step guide to create a free pinecone account

Step 1: Go to https://pinecone.io and click Sign up for free.

Step 2: Fill the necessary pre-asked questions and click 'Complete setup'.

Step 3: A default project will now be created. We will delete this default project and create a new custom project.

This is a very critical step and should not be skipped. The default project has lot of limitations and hence a custom project needs to be created.

Step 4: To delete the project, click on Settings on the left sidebar.

Now click on the delete icon.

Click Delete Project.

Step 5: Create a new project.

Click on 'Create a Project'

Enter the project name and choose your environment (free tier).

Click 'Create'. And your project will start initializing.

It can take 2 to 3 minutes for a project to get initialized.

Step 6: Create a new index.

Once your project is initialized, you will see a button 'Create index'. Index can be assumed as a parent folder inside the project that will store all your files and website data in the form of vectors.

Click on 'Create Index'.

Fill the name and dimensions of the index. The dimension value should ALWAYS be 1536. Keep the other details as is and click 'Create'.

Step 7: Your index is now created.

It can take a minute or 2 for the index to get initialized. In the screenshot below, you can find the details which are required while connecting your pinecone account with your Cloozo account.

The required details are:

  1. Index name

  2. Host

  3. Environment

  4. API key

Step 8: That's all. You have successfully created your pinecone account. In case you face any issues, feel free to contact us at support@cloozo.com

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